Patook is mostly run and moderated by robot moderators - i.e.: fully automated computer algorithms (e.g. the flirt detector, spam detector, etc.). There is very minimal human moderation or support, though human moderators may choose to review any content or users if they are reported or suspected of violations (including private messages), per the ToS.
Those computer algorithms may and usually do monitor all your messages, activity, pictures, posts, profile, preferences, actions, user reports against you, etc and make automated determinations as to whether they believe there are flirting, scamming, or other Terms of Service/Etiquette violations going on.
They can choose to ban users, hide them, block/hide certain messages/users/posts/activity/etc., or escalate them to moderators or staff, and generally have full discretion to take any action they deem appropriate, without providing explanation or reasoning, nor notifying the user.
In certain limited cases, where certain types of criminal activity is suspected and where it would be unacceptable to ask human moderators for verification (e.g. where possible exploitation of minors is suspected, etc.), and after secondary verification from independent algorithms (such as Microsoft PhotoDNA), the robot moderators may automatically forward pictures and conversations to the police or NCMEC and let them determine if further investigation is warranted.

Those algorithms are unique, experimental, and trained on millions of data points, but may still make mistakes (e.g. false flirt alerts), including bans, and/or fail to automatically detect all ToS transgressions. We make absolutely no guarantees or claims on the accuracy or quality of the robot moderators, and the accuracies may also vary largely depending on the language used.
There is no human appeal process for those, and because of the heavy subjectivity of what constitutes "flirting", the Patook team will generally not respond to requests to undo/review bans/blocks/other robot moderation action for individual users
In addition, the algorithm functions used for robot moderation are complex, secret and proprietary.
Ultimately, per the terms of service, both human moderators and robot moderators can ban/block/restrict users for any reason they deem appropriate, without providing notice, explanation, or reason.
Additionally, most of the support is also provided by robots, that generate unofficial, automated responses based on keywords in users\' questions, and you should not expect responses from human moderators/employees, nor do we have a customer support contact.
If this is not acceptable to you, or you are expecting an app with human customer support, please uninstall the app right now and do not proceed.
This entire section is extracted and summarized from the Terms of Service/Privacy Policy/Etiquette ("ToS" henceforth), and if modified or inconsistent, the ToS will override anything written here on this page.
To learn more about the robot moderation used in Patook, please click the "Learn More" link below.

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