Patook has very strict terms of service.
I have read them and agree to them entirely (link below). By joining this site, I understand and agree that any attempt to approach other users for romantic, sexual or non-platonic reasons (also including but not limited to: recruiting, proselytizing, advertising, self-promoting, or marketing), or with ulterior motives, is a terms of service violation. Any such attempt will be treated as harassment, and result at least in a permanent ban, without appeal. The Patook algorithms and/or human moderator team will have absolute discretion as to what constitutes "flirty", "creepy", non-platonic, or otherwise inappropriate behavior.
Patook is NOT a dating or let\'s-start-as-friends app.
I will treat all other users with respect and with strictly platonic intent. I will report users who fail to do so.
I understand that all my messages, posts, pictures, profile and activity on the site are monitored by computer algorithms and that those may be escalated for review by human moderators without notifying me.
This is my ONLY account. I have never been banned from Patook and understand and accept that I may be liable for liquidated damages if I try to create a new account after being banned.

The terms of service can be reviewing by clicking the "Terms of Service" link below, or at any time while in the app, by going to Me (i.e. tap on your picture on the top left of the main page) -> Legal/Terms of service.

Terms of Use