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The Strictly Platonic Friend Making App
Discover and make friends with awesome people around you
Make amazing new friends
Our powerful algorithms allow us to find you great people who we know you'll get along with.
Join the community
Connect with people and participate in discussions within your community.
Safe. Secure. Private.
You pick who gets to see your profile through our secure interface.
Expand your horizons.
We focus on introducing you to users who will expand your horizons.
Build new and exciting friendships
Our powerful algorithms and point system allows you to find nearby people with shared interests so you can be friends with them. You pick and assign points to various traits you're looking for (e.g. 5 points if they speak English, 10 points if they are originally from your country, 10 points if they are parents) - we go and find them for you.
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Become part of the communities around you
Connect with people and participate in discussions within your community! There are active discussion beacons throughout the world and you can communicate with everyone who's within them. Beacons can span from coffee shops, to malls, to entire states. Here are some that are around you now:
University at Albany - General Group
CAMI Assembly
Dickerson, Maryland
Tuscarora, Maryland
Clarksburg, Maryland
Point of Rocks, Maryland
Loudoun County Public Schools
Janelia Research Campus
Safe. Secure. Private.
You get full control over who gets to see your profile through our secure interface. You can even join as couples.

Show my profile to men
Show my profile to women
Show my profile to couples
Show my profile to people who meet my criteria (e.g. mothers, students, expats)
Users can only send me a single message unless I respond.
Allow users to see my beacon post history

And several other privacy options. Check the FAQ to learn more.
Expand your horizons. Be awesome.
We focus on introducing you to good, interesting people and info that will expand your horizons. We also make it easy for you to ask for feedback on your profile from other users.
Some testimonials from our early users:
"Really enjoying the site so far!!" - Mason
"What I really love about this site is how nice everyone is and how safe everything feels." - Julie
"I absolutely love the point system you have. I was actually able to find someone who was near me and it was really easy to start a conversation with them" - Marin
Are you ready to make new friends?

Or view our FAQ to learn more.